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Liberal calls pregnant S.E. Cupp “chunky,” her response is legendary | →


A self-described “liberal dem” who recently posted a tweet calling S.E. Cupp “chunky” is a perfect example of what I’m talking about. You see, Cupp is pregnant, which is quite obvious in the picture she posted on Twitter, the same one that liberal “Luigi” replied to with his rude and disrespectful comment.
Fortunately, Cupp is a firecracker who is quite capable of defending herself, which she proved with her legendary response to Luigi’s tweet.

From Mad World News:

It all started after Cupp posted a photo of her pregnant self posing with a shotgun when the self-described “liberal dem” responded by writing, “Gettin kinda chunky there, SE.”

Without even a pause, Cupp perfectly came back with this: “Assume you’re referring to the 7 lb human I’m carrying? D***.”



As if getting his rear end handed to him by Cupp wasn’t bad enough, others soon jumped to the beloved conservative’s defense continuing to shred poor Luigi to bits across the Twittersphere. Truth be told, he had it coming.


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S.E. Cupp and Will Cain Nearly Lose It Trying to Give a Dramatic Reading of Anthony Weiner’s Steamy Sexts | TheBlaze.com →


By now you know that Anthony Weiner was caught sending steamy chats to another woman last summer even after apologizing for doing just that in 2011. And while you may have even read the sext messages, you likely haven’t seen TheBlaze TV’s Will Cain and SE Cupp try to give a dramatic reading of them.

That’s right, on Tuesday’s “Real News” episode, Cain and Cupp chose some of the more G-rated messages and tried to deliver them in dramatic fashion. They nearly lost it:


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CNN To Bring Back Crossfire, Hosted By S.E. Cupp, Newt Gingrich, Van Jones, Stephanie Cutter | Mediaite →

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Unfortunately, SE Cupp is married →



For those of you hoping to be able to wed SE Cupp, you will be sad to know that she is already married.  I am not sure why she had to get hitched so early in life, but she did and there is nothing else that we can do about it.  She is a Libertarian, so perhaps she believes in plural marriage?

I thought that I had put this on my blog originally.  Not sure why it posted somewhere else.

S.E. Cupp is not married. She’s engaged to John Goodwin, and they’re getting married in the foreseeable future. She is also NOT a libertarian. She’s a republican, and she supports same-sex marriage. 

…where are you getting your information?

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Congrats to SE’s partner in crime and close friend, Krystal Ball, who today gave birth to a baby boy!  Lowell Maxwell was born this morning :)

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